Next Generation

Beautifully created fragrances to take you from dawn to dusk.

Some memories never leave your bones, they become part of you, and you carry them forever.  Celebrate them.

A collection for barefoot walks, city strolls, moonlight evenings, night swims, lovers and the wild at heart.

Bloom – Lilac, Poppy, Tiger lily

Amid chaos find the calm with this well-balanced scent.

A powerhouse of lilacs delivers a mesmerizing bouquet with subtle notes of sweet poppy and tiger lily.

Days filled with sunrays and freshly picked flowers.  Bloom will cover any floral fixation.

Love – Black cherry, Plum, Vanilla

From the heart.  Spread love wherever you go.

The intensity of black cherry with warm and sultry plum and vanilla gives “love” an alluring aroma. 

You are valuable, make your soul happy, encourage and support one another because love and kindness always make a difference.

Tides – Sea Salt, Freesia, Lime

She was happiest when she was wild and free.

Lively and fresh sea salt complemented with freesia and a dash of citrus.  Tides is costal and earthy, press your feet into the sand as you meander across the coastline.

Dedicated to get you sunshine ready.

Sunset – Red Currant, Jasmine, Dark Amber

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset yourself for a new beginning. 

Tart red currant is blended with the richness of jasmine and warm sweet amber

It is a different vibe after dark.

Home – Shea, Coconut, Patchouli

A place to feel clarity warmth and freedom.

Warm and sublime shea softly paired with coconut and earthy patchouli is calm and effortless.

Escape the ordinary wherever you call home. Find your own paradise.

Sweet Tooth – French Cream, Honey, Vanilla

A delightful fragrance made to feel like you are stepping into a French pâtissière.

Wild at heart,

Love Lea x