Thirteen years ago, Leanne traded the verdant fields, limestone cottages and rolling hills of the East Midlands in England for the open expanses of the Midwestern fields and prairies. Though these places are separated by thousands of miles, Leanne has found the people share the same common values like love of family, hard work and an appreciation for the natural beauty found in the country.

Leanne’s Journey has taken her far afield from the quiet canals and pastures of her youth in Northamptonshire. She has lived in places as diverse as the bubbling industrial North of England in Liverpool, to the teaming neon-lit metropolis of Seoul, South Korea. In her heart though she always pined for the quieter, simpler life in the country.

Founded in 2017 Barr & Harbor is inspired by her memories of growing up in the English countryside. With an appreciation of simple country living, celebrating the seasons, nature and the land she has lovingly handcrafted her signature line of soy candles and room mists. Her hope is that these scents elicit the same memories for her as they do for you.