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This Sophisticated fragrance embodies the very essence of Mayfair London with its lush hidden gardens that offer a tranquil haven away from bustling city life.  Instantly bring beauty and warmth into your home with a luxurious blend of fig, patchouli and citrus. Transform your personal haven with the Luxury of Mayfair.


Escape, relax and unwind with calming notes of Jasmine, Crisp Orange and a delicate blend of Orchid. Riverside Spa captures the essence of luxury in tranquil surroundings to soothe away stress and lift spirits.


Immerse yourself in the elegant gardens of Royal Botanic.  This signature floral fragrance offers a charming blend of Lily, Lilac, and bergamot along with Lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils.  Royal Botanic captures the essence of British florals in all their glory.  A balanced and highly aromatic candle fresh from the garden.


Welcome to Dove Cottage a cozy retreat tucked away in the British countryside.  This classic fragrance is a blend of Infused essential oils including mandarin, English Rose, and Berries.  Notes of white tea and jasmine are used to complement this refreshing scent and bring the charming Dove cottage to your home.


The distinct rich fragrance of The Tanner embodies fine leather at its best.  This Intensive classic leather note is complemented with a finishing touch of birch which gives the fragrance a sophisticated character.


Traditional and elegant, the fragrance of Country Manor is a Harmonious blend of rural surroundings, Stunning formal gardens, and roaring fires that offer comfort for those seeking tranquility within the countryside.  The freshness of English rose paired delicately with woodsy oak and amber produces an inviting and memorable aroma.  Sit back and relax in your very own Country Manor.


Perfection for the coffee lover, Barr and Harbor delivers the rich and fragrant blend of Kings Coffee.  The full-bodied Scent opens with dark roasted coffee beans, hints of delicious cocoa and subtle vanilla.  Kings Coffee signature aroma is a luxurious artisan roast at the peak of freshness.  A superior coffee fragrance to compliment your surroundings.


Crown Tavern is a gem tucked away in the idyllic countryside, exposed oak beams and roaring log fires are a charming addition to the superior whiskey fragrance that fills the air.  Smooth blended with remarkable character this signature fragrance has the perfect balance of rich oak, smoked peat, and birch.  Aged and ready to light, Crown tavern is the perfect candle for any whiskey lover.

Summer House

Retreat to your very own summer house. ocean views & coastlines blended with linen & lily of the valley create a calm & soothingly scented aroma.


“Atlantic” is a magical combination of sea breezes, breathtaking sunrises and crashing waves. This fresh scent packed with sea mist is inspired by my love of travel across Europe and also the ocean I cross to be reunited with my family. “Atlantic” is the beautiful coastal town of Newquay, England with its golden sands backed by cliffs and caves, the idyllic Algarve in Portugal with its coves and laid back lifestyle and on to and the East coast of America with rugged, rocky shores, modern boardwalks and salt water fishing. This fragrance will put you in the right mood for summer and is the perfect gift for adventure seekers, beach lovers, backpackers and more importantly for those of you who wish to remember all those wonderful times on the coast. Embrace the ocean! salt water heals everything.

English Mint

Straight from the garden comes a highly aromatic bouquet of mint leaves blended with hints of eucalyptus and star anise.


Campfire infuses a heart of fir needle, sweet orange and patchouli with a touch of smoky notes to create a ruggedly sophisticated fragrance.