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Barr & Harbor room mist offers an effortless, fine mist and a fully packed fragrance load to ensure your favourite scent stays where you spray.  Spray two to three pumps throughout your immediate space and refresh as needed; the fragrance will last for several hours.

Room mists contain a blend of body-safe fine fragrance oils and a natural water base.

Product volume: 4oz

Eco-friendly and sustainable product

Housed in an amber glass bottle with fine mist spray

Handcrafted in Manhattan, Il

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“Atlantic” is a magical combination of sea breezes, breathtaking sunrises and crashing waves.
This fresh scent packed with sea mist is inspired by my love of travel across Europe and also the ocean I cross to be reunited with my family.
Atlantic is the beautiful coastal town of Newquay, England with its golden sands backed by cliffs and caves, the idyllic Algarve in Portugal with its coves and laid back lifestyle and on to and the East coast of America with rugged, rocky shores, modern boardwalks and salt water fishing.

This fragrance will put you in the right mood for summer and is the perfect gift for adventure seekers, beach lovers, backpackers and more importantly for those of you who wish to remember all those wonderful times on the coast.


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