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Kings Coffee


Barr & Harbor room mist offers an effortless, fine mist and a fully packed fragrance load to ensure your favourite scent stays where you spray.  Spray two to three pumps throughout your immediate space and refresh as needed; the fragrance will last for several hours.

Room mists contain a blend of body-safe fine fragrance oils and a natural water base.

Product volume: 4oz

Eco-friendly and sustainable product

Housed in an amber glass bottle with fine mist spray

Handcrafted in Manhattan, Il


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Perfect for the coffee lover, Barr and Harbor delivers the rich and fragrant blend of Kings Coffee. The full-bodied Scent opens with dark roasted coffee beans, hints of delicious cocoa and subtle vanilla. Kings Coffee signature aroma is a luxurious artisan roast at the peak of freshness. A superior coffee fragrance to complement your surroundings.



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